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FEMALE – Pre-marital Screening [Healtopedia]

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What does it involve?

Blood Screening

▸ Full Blood Count (FBC)

This test gives an overview of blood health: highlighting early signs of blood disoders, infection, inflammation and blood cancers.

Blood Grouping

▸ ABO & Rh(D)

This test is conducted to categorise your blood type and group, alongside your Rhesus status. It is important to know your blood type to prevent the risk of you receiving an incompatible blood type at a time of need, such as during a blood transfusion or during surgery.

Hepatitis Screening

▸ RPR (with titre & THPA if reactive)

This test is a screening test for Syphilis.

Infectious Disease Screening

▸ HIV I & II (Ag & Ab)

This test can indicate if someone is infected with HIV. Early detection can prevent the infection developing into AIDS (acquired immudificiency syndrome). Patients who are undergoing treatment for HIV & AIDS will also benefit from this test, as it can guide the efficacy of their current treatment.

▸ HBsAg & HBsAb

This test can screen or diagnose for Hepatitis B infection or determine if you are immune. It can also monitor your condition if you have existing Hepatitis.

▸ HB Analysis (electrophoresis)

Hemoglobin electrophoresis is a test that measures the different types of hemoglobin in the blood. It also looks for abnormal types of hemoglobin.

▸ Hep C Antibodies

This test can screen or diagnose for Hepatitis C infection or determine if you are immune. It can also monitor your condition if you have existing Hepatitis.

Autoimmune Screening

▸ Rubella igG

This test is to determine if you have sufficient rubella antibodies to protect you from the rubella virus; to verify a previous infection or detect a recent infection

What do I do with the results?

A full comprehensive report with complete tests breakdown will be made available in soft and hard copy within 24-48 hours. Any abnormalities or discrepancies will be highlighted. You will then be offered the opportunity to see a medical specialist who will review the results with you within 24 hours of receiving your report.

Terms and conditions

Fasting : please fast for 10 hours prior to your blood test. No food or drinks are allowed, however water is permitted.

Women : for more accurate results, it is recommended that you do this test 3 days before or 3 days after menstruation.

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