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Myeloma Cancer Profile Screening [Healtopedia]

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Is this for me?

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects bone marrow and alters your blood’s plasma cells. Plasma cells live in your bone marrow and are responsible for fighting infections by making antibodies against them, and also produces other healthy blood cells.Multiple myeloma causes cancer cells to build up in the bone marrow, eventually overtaking healthy blood cells, causing your body to be unable to fight against infections. Instead, it creates harmful proteins that damage your kidneys and cause other signs and symptoms of this cancer.

This blood screen helps to diagnose myeloma and helps your doctor plan the best treatment course. Early detection improves disease outcomes and treatment effectiveness.

Who should get tested?

  • Individuals with symptoms such as: tiredness, frequent infections of the body, bone pain, frequent bone fractures, kidney dysfunction, low blood counts on blood test
  • Patients with existing multiple myeloma to help monitor disease and guide on treatment effectiveness

What does it involve?

What's included in the Basic General Screening at Healtopedia: 

Cancer Screening

▸Protein Electrophoresis
Protein electrophoresis is a test that measures specific proteins in the blood. It is often used to find abnormal substances called M proteins, that can be a sign of a type of cancer called myeloma, or multiple myeloma. Myeloma affects white blood cells called plasma cells in the bone marrow. Protein electrophoresis also tests for other proteins and antibodies (immunoglobulins); thyroid disorders; diabetes; anaemia; liver disorders and certain autoimmune diseases.

▸Bence Jones Protein
The Bence-Jones protein urine test is used most often to diagnose and monitor multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

What do I do with the results?

A full comprehensive report with complete tests breakdown will be made available in soft and hard copy within 24-48 hours. Any abnormalities or discrepancies will be highlighted. You will then be offered the opportunity to see a medical specialist who will review the results with you within 24 hours of receiving your report.

Terms and conditions

Fasting : please fast for 10 hours prior to your blood test. No food or drinks are allowed, however water is permitted.

Women : for more accurate results, it is recommended that you do this test 3 days before or 3 days after menstruation.

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