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Premium (In)Fertility Screening – Male [Healtopedia]

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Is this for me?

In order to achieve a successful healthy pregnancy and ensure the foetus is carried to full term, both partners, male and female, must ensure that their hormonal (endocrine) profile are balanced and healthy.

This package is perfect for couples planning to start a family, or couples who have been trying for a few months/years with no successful pregnancy. It is also perfect for couples who are currently undergoing fertility treatments to aid in achieving pregnancy.

When conducted together with the,
• female premium (in)fertility screen package
• it can aid in underlying diagnosis and early detection of any possible fertility issues. 

Early detection will aid in planning treatment, thus greatly improving chances of a successful healthy pregnancy.

What does it involve?

What's included in the Premium (In)Fertility Screening – Male at Healtopedia: 



This test evaluates the presence of fertility issues by detecting dysfunction of reproductive organs (testicles in male) or pituitary function. 

▸ LH

To evaluate fertility issues or the health of your reproductive organs (testicles in male); and also to evaluate pituitary function.

▸ Prolactin

This test is used to help diagnose the cause of decreased libido and/or erectile dysfunction. It is also used to detect and monitor a pituitary tumor that produces prolactin (prolactinoma). An abnormal result can be the cause of infertility. 


This test is most commonly measured in the evaluation of low testosterone (possible androgen deficiency) in men.

▸ Testosterone

This test helps to detect an abnormal testosterone level in males – either too high or too low. It helps diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction or the inability of your partner to get pregnant (infertility).

What do I do with the results?

A full comprehensive report with complete tests breakdown will be made available in soft and hard copy within 24-48 hours. Any abnormalities or discrepancies will be highlighted. You will then be offered the opportunity to see a medical specialist who will review the results with you within 24 hours of receiving your report.

Terms and conditions

Fasting : please fast for 10 hours prior to your blood test. No food or drinks are allowed, however water is permitted.

Women : for more accurate results, it is recommended that you do this test 3 days before or 3 days after menstruation.

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